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2024 (*updating*)

I Don’t Bootleg Second Edition
I Don’t Bootleg
Crazy I Started Rapping On Beats
AI Planting Seeds No Farmer
Not A Lyric Video


They Trying To Tell You Birds Not Real
The Problem Was Gravity The Answer Was Gravity
I Eat What I Catch Live One Take
Triangulation From A Known Point
Why This Joint I Rolled Not A Sculpture
In New York Where The Garbage Is Art
They Tell Kids Making Tees Isn’t Art
I Might Take A Chainsaw To My Waterlilies
For A Long Time I Felt Like I Didn’t Know How To Talk


People That Want To Have The Jewels But Don’t
Maya Taqueria Bag
I Make Art
I Pass The Mic
I Turned Myself Into Myself
Know Anyone with Money Money? (I’m trying to fund this idea around the globe)


A Song Without Art
Copy Someone To A T It Will Never Be The Same
Timbs Start Feeling Like They Nike Airs On Me
I Eat What I Catch
$500 On Streaming
No Day At The Beach
Magic Flying Disc
Rap On Found Tweet
I Found This Book In That Book
We’re Still Alive Zine
Elsewhere, We Remain Unreadable
Neon Book Paintings
Don’t Talk To Me About No Significance Of Art
Allegeducation Ongoing
Give Supreme Models Equity (Fuck These Brands)
Rather Go To March Than Go To Mars


Study For Picasso Draws Jay Z
Staying Alive Is A Sport
Forest Of Knives
We’re Still Alive
Wolfgang Driving - Get My Pussy Licked
Nike Belongs To Us
5 Year Anniversary Tee
Rabbit Holes
Freestyle In The Comments (Ongoing)
Do Not Like This
Desk Performance
Fine Art of Rap
Blunt Around The Country
Shockproof Top 5


Do What’s Right (Droite de suite)
Hardest Verse You Ever Heard
Bootleg JJJJound
DJ Patil Poster
I’m Coming But May Not Use The Front Door
Outside All Of This
Impossible Is Nothing Just Do It


What I Learned From The Art World Thus Far
S On The Map
Theory in Paris
Alive Tee
Fort (Ongoing)
Self Portrait
Straight Men Suck
Just Do It
Raps On Silk
Jack White Tour
It Be Your Own Drums
Comments In The Hall
Woman Is God
Pure Beauty Vinyl
Pure Beauty
180 Grams
Obama Years
1,000 Photos
Rides Home
Take Your Raf Off
Snowball Sale (1983)


Palace Intrigue
Flight Home
Duct Tape
Raf Simons Off-White
Fuck It Going Live
Matisse On The Rhine
LA Listening
I’m Learning
Blue Nude Series
Breaking Ground
Rocafella Office #
Duchamp Slides
Ice Cream Truck
Pressuring Her Is Corny
Ode To adidas


I Will Not Make Any More Boring Rap 
In Stores
No Logos Tee
World Peace Day
Not Lean
Summer Not Coming
Top Of The Whitney


Rap Money
Damien Hirst Mickey
Nike adidas Records
I Never Felt Like A Spanish Kid
$250 On Soundcloud
Bengal Tiger
Nike adidas Shirt
Hurt My Heart
Museum LP
Rap Anniversary
I Don't Like Lorde


Queens Cat
NY Times


Who Shot Ya


On Top
Rip Tide
The Fuck


Ode To Raekwon
For The Record