We’re Still Alive (2020)

LP, 12 tracks, 25 minutes
Image courtesy the artist

Released on 10/20, We’re Still Alive is available to stream and as a free download exclusively from the website ubu.com (link below). The 12-track album is executive-produced by Shirt’s friend and DJ for 20+ years, Darvin Silva, and served as the full-length follow up to Shirt’s Pure Beauty LP released in 2018. Conceptually, We’re Still Alive marks the 10-year follow up to Tan-Face Children, an EP made by Shirt and Darvin and released in March of 2010. Written and recorded over several months in 2020 between Queens, Brooklyn, and Oakland, California, We’re Still Alive features production from Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD, Aphex Twin, The Midnight Hour, Moby, Hudson Mohawke & ANOHNI, Jim-E Stack, Wax Tailor, Şahin Söğütoğlu, Gang Starr and others––all having being used without permission or copyright clearance. The album’s cover art, slightly altered by Shirt to show two blurry figures instead of three, is designed by Pierre-Louis Auvray. Also used without permission, the image was originally intended to serve as the album cover for Kanye’s album DONDA––as tweeted by the artist in 2020. 

We’re Still Alive MP3’s, JPEG lyric works, and MP4 video are available to stream/download here