Staying Alive is A Sport (2020)

Oil paint, vinyl stickers, re-cushioned grip on aluminum baseball bat, 31 inches 28 ounces
Images courtesy the artist

Shirt first saw the bat as it appeared held by a model in a SS2011 Supreme ad. It was never officially produced by the streetwear company and was said to have been “made at the photoshoot using [Three 6 Mafia purple box logo] stickers.” With only a lo-resolution image circulating for years, in early 2020 Supreme’s 25th Anniversary book was published by Phaidon and the photo from the shoot was included. Shirt began to produce the bat shortly after, which consists of purchasing an aluminum Louisville Slugger bat, covering the barrel in custom vinyl stickers, re-gripping it with a new black cushioned Mizuno grip, and then painting the bat’s knob a custom tourquoise color in oil paint.

Additional photos available by request