They Tell Kids Making Tees Isn't Art (2023)

Mixed media, dimensions variable
Images courtesy the artist

Debuting in the group show Island Letter at CC Projects gallery in New York June 14-July 9, the work consists of assorted found fabrics that have been stitched together and tied around the necks of blank white Gildan tees. The garments are suspended on wooden clothes hangers that hang on used mic stands.

A description of the work in the exhibition guide read as follows: 

In this series, clips of microphone stands act as hooks for wooden clothes hangers, evoking the bedroom as well as the stage. Suspended are garments composed of assorted fabrics which have been stitched together and tied around the necks of plain Gildan T-shirts. As hinted by "...Like Superheroes To Me," the resulting assemblages take on an active, cape-like character, indicating "a need for protection as well as the strength required to claim a voice" for the artist. Continuing within a lineage of wearables in modern and contemporary art, the works point to the various industries and communities across which Shirt operates, including rap and DIY cultures.

More photos available upon request