I Turned Myself Into Myself (2022)

LP, Nine songs various lengths
Cover image courtesy the artist

I Turned Myself Into Myself is a 9-track album from Shirt rapping over beats made entirely by the producer Jack Splash. The project is the second release of songs that were born from Shirt’s month long $500 On Streaming recording sessions that began in October 2021 in NYC. On November 22, 2022, the album was released to all major streaming platforms by independent rap label Mello Music Group, following the release of the singles “Death To Wall Art,” “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong,” and “I Make Art”. The digital cover image (above) included serves as prompt for an idea by Shirt in which the pearled microphone depicted may be used by anyone for a period of up to ten days.

Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)
Marni Invisibility Cloak
Tell The Machine Goodnight
Death To Wall Art
718 to The World
No Magic No Music
Watching A Person Think
Fuck What You Think About Cancel Culture
I Make Art

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