1,000 Photos (2018)

Digital images, mp3's and pdf on usb drive
Image courtesy the artist

Included with the purchase of the deluxe version of Pure Beauty Vinyl (2018) an accompanying text read: "In an effort to share ‘information and love’ as directly as possible, Shirt gives access to 1,000 hi-res digital images from his iPhone, taken between September 2015 and October 2017, when he moved to Europe and began writing & recording Pure Beauty. The photos, along with lyrics and production credits, as well as the audio files of the album, are gathered onto a USB drive that is detachable from the deluxe edition vinyl pressing of Pure Beauty. Edited down from some 30,000 images, "1,000 Photos" contains photos taken by Shirt in eight countries and 15 cities depicting artworks, pages of books, spaces, friends, and other personal details from the artist’s life. Many photos taken at exhibitions were illicit and against the wishes of gallery directors, exhibition holders and museum institutions. In releasing them, Shirt wants you to know that he vehemently rejects the restriction of information by any means. Buyers are free to use any of the images as their own, in whatever form they like. No credit to Shirt is required."