No Day At The Beach (2021)  

Laser on flying disc, 150lbs of natural sand, dimensions variable
Photos courtesy of Joe Horner

Debuting in the group exhibition Functional Poems at Union Way in Portland, Oregon, Shirt’s No Day At The Beach consists of the white frisbee Magic Flying Disc (2021) inserted into a mound of sand in the gallery. Prior to this installation, the curator of the exhibition Joe Horner was instructed by Shirt to “Throw this disc around outside with friends and/or strangers.” Shirt conceived of the work, Magic Flying Disc (2021) [link], which reads "Catch if you hate racism” in script across its surface, as a satirical performance and commercial object for sale. Treading the line between public intervention and caustic critique, the work is both an individual provocation and a commentary on the commercialization of movements and the platitudes of branded activism. Produced in collaboration with the sporting company Aria Discs, the discs were available for purchase online for $17.