Timbs Start Feeling Like They Nike Airs On Me (2021)  

KRINK marker on leather Timberland boots, various sizes
Found tree branches on cardboard shoebox, various sizes
Images courtesy the artist

Some days after posting a photo with the caption reading “Experiment” on his instagram, Shirt announced forty pairs of his customized wheat construction boots would go on sale November 5th. The title of the work ‘Timbs Start Feeling Like They Nike Airs On Me’ references a lyric by the rapper Jadakiss from the 2004 song “Run” with Ghostface Killah. Using a new silver KRINK marker, Shirt paints a dripping Nike check onto a new pair of Timberland boots. Each pair then ships with the marker that was used to customize them, as well as in a shoebox that features sixteen found “Brooklyn tree branches” that have been sewn into the cardboard box by the artist using natural twine. An “S” signature is drawn by sharpie marker over the Timberland logo.

Additional photos available upon request