AI Planting Seeds, No Farmer (2024)
Discussion and workshop, 90 minutes

In February, Shirt was invited to present a workshop to high school students via the Dia Teen Program at Dia Art Foundation Chelsea, by the 2024 artist collaborator Gerardo Ismael Madera. Debuting a multipaneled fabric work constructed together with packing tape, Shirt continued a ‘fort’ themed exercise in which he gathers people under a large piece of fabric for a discussion or performance. Gathering the students around the book ‘Triangulation From A Known Point’ (the book written by Ruth Danon used in Shirt’s 2023 performance of the same name), the artist led a discussion on the importance of looking closely and repeatedly at things around us, and implored the teens to interrupt him if they wished. Later in the Dia library, Shirt had the students, himself and Dia staff, choose a book that stood out to them off the many filled shelves, open it, and talk a bit about what everyone found.

Additional photos available upon request