Triangulation From A Known Point (2023)
Site-specific performance, 20 minutes

On August 31st, the Shirt performance “Triangulation From A Known Point” took place on the edge of a cliff on South Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado. A crowd of about 20 people invited by the patron Phillip Norman made the 45 minute hike to the exact location Shirt had posted coordinates from. During the live performance, Shirt rapped acapella and over chants from the audience, while the book “Triangulation From A Known Point” by Ruth Danon, highlighted through by Shirt, was passed around.

The work was the first to come from a series of live perfomances for sale from May 15 to June 12, 2023, for $1,000 USD. Upon payment confirmation, the idea was that Shirt would travel anywhere in the world someone would like. Exact dates and details were to be confirmed by the buyer and Shirt in subsequent communication, and the performances would vary in circumstances depending on factors like scheduling, resources available, locations, etc. In addition to the artist fee of $1,000 USD paid in advance, a buyer would also have to cover an agreed upon round trip airfare from and back to NYC. No hotel or overnight stay accommodations were necessary on behalf of the buyer. There were no rules except the requirements of the advance payment and roundtrip flight covered by the buyer; performances could be of anything and take place anywhere. 

Additional photos available upon request