Nike adidas Shirt (2015)

Cotton t-shirt, various sizes
Image courtesy the artist

The first iteration of the Nike adidas tee was made by Shirt using an iron-on heat transfer method. Realizing although many ‘bootleg’ Nike and adidas t-shirts have existed in streetwear for 25+ years, the artist had yet to see anyone simply put the two famous logos––unmodified––side by side on a tee. Wearing it around NYC, the reactions from people everywhere he went led Shirt to taking the idea further, designing and releasing a capsule collection consisting of various graphic t-shirts and embroidered sweatshirts that begin to sell out quickly. The long sleeve white tee (pictured above) was the first made available for purchase. As the idea gained steam and websites and social media accounts with large followings started posting information about the collection, Shirt recieved a cease and desist order from Nike claiming he had been making ‘counterfeit Nike product.’ A newly launched website for purchasing items at was active for a limited time. 

Additional photos available at request