People That Want To Have The Jewels But Don’t (2022)
Digital exhibition, one month

During the month of September 2022, Shirt took over the official New York Public Library’s Picture Collection instagram account (nyplpicturecollection) as part of their series allowing artists to engage with and about their vast and famed archive of millions of physical photos, housed in a room in the NYPL at their 5th ave location in NYC. For the full month in addition to sharing writing; selections from the archive and personal photos; recreating images found in the collection; making a video work using selections during the month; and publishing conversations with several people around certain images and ideas; Shirt also brought attention to the fact there was no dedicated Rap or Hip-Hop folder out of the thousands in the collection, and vowed he would work to change that. Around one year later, Shirt announced on social media there is now a Hip-Hop folder available in the archive.

Conversations with folks include Angelo Baque, LT (truckinternational) + @meccapolis, Vikki Tobak, Tygapaw, Taurean Davis, Chloë Bass, @queenscapes, @ism_studio, @noahsarq, @nickrondeau, @samlwtn, @rikbracho, Alex (@newincognitowindow), @sergiothefuturist, @Patrick.sandim, Josh Sobel, Emily Sujay, Elvin Tavarez, Coop (@HoodMidCenturyModern), Hannah Black and Makayla Bailey

See Shirt’s first post on the Picture Collection’s Instagram here and follow posts September 1-30, 2022.

Additional photos available upon request