Fine Art Of Rap (2020)

Sound performance, 30 minutes
Image courtesy the artist

In February, Shirt performed at the Royal College of Art in London for their Writing/Performance symposium. Debuting his work Fine Art Of Rap, the 30 minute performance consisted of Shirt sitting behind a desk on stage in the dark theatre, reading excerpts from the 1991 essay “The Fine Art of Rap” by writer and philosopher Richard Shusterman. With sentences written almost 30 years ago calling for rap music as an artform to be viewed at the highest levels of Fine Art, Shirt hunched over the desk on stage quite literally banging a Roland beat machine to interrupt his own reading every few sentences, as he played various instrumental tracks and his own unreleased music. Several videos on social media surfaced that were taken by audience members including this one. 

Download Richard Shusterman’s ‘The Fine Art of Rap’ essay here