For A Long Time I Felt Like I Didn’t Know How To Talk (2023)

Multimedia Performance
5 minutes
Images courtesy of Redens Desrosiers

On opening night of the group exhibition Island Letter just after 7pm, Shirt performed for 5 minutes, surprising the crowd by one minute being in the room with them and the next across the street. As Abron Art Center’s Chayanne Marcano introduced Shirt, she directed the audience to look out the window. Debuting the tracks ‘My Gut Talking’ and ‘Now What’, the loud audio works played in the gallery, with Shirt rapping along live outloud from across the street with no mic. Then for a live rendition of the track ‘For A Long Time I Felt Like I Didn’t Know How To Talk’ a mic was lowered out of one of the window’s below to the street, where Shirt would freestyle and write live to the beat he could faintly hear playing from the gallery above.

A description of the work in the exhibition guide read as follows:

Shirt presents a sonic installation of the vocal-only tracks “My Gut Talking” and “Now What” (2023) accompanied by a live performance on the opening night of the exhibition. More information will be available after this work has occurred.

More photos are available upon request