I Don’t Bootleg (2024)
Photocopied booklet printed on recycled paper, 44 pages,approximately 4.5 x 6.5 inch
Images courtesy of the artist

On March 30, taking part in a panel discussion at MoMA Ps1 that celebrated the launch of the newly published book “UNLICENSED: Bootlegging as Creative Practice” in which contributors from the book were to give presentations on their practice, during Shirt’s segment he announced he bootlegged the book. Pulling copies out of his bag and passing them around for free, the artist said he also hid some copies around the Artbook store at Ps1. The bootlegs were different than the official one and only included the interviews with the contributors present at that event––conducted between the author Ben Schwartz and Shirt, Shanzhai Lyric, Nat Pyper, and Hassan Rahim, as well as a few other pages outside of the interviews. Repeating the phrase “I don’t bootleg” several times during his presentation, Shirt spoke for 15 minutes on his practice and showed old and new work from his laptop.

A limited # of the bootlegged books were made available some days later for purchase here.