Wolfgang Tee (2023)
Screenprint on cotton t-shirt
Various sizes

Available for purchase as of Monday, July 17, Shirt teased the new bootlegged tee with a blurry screenshot image of Wolfgang Tillmans wearing a brown t-shirt with the same multi-logo printed on the chest. Shirt explained he had kept the image and had the idea to do a bootleg version of the t-shirt for some time. The night before the tees went on sale, Tillmans commented on Shirt’s original post with context surrounding the design of the graphic, made up of a silhouetted Puma, Nike, and adidas logo, stating that the t-shirts “came from a professor and students (Class of Heiner Blum) at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach in Germany circa 2005-2008,” as Wolfgang was teaching at Staedelschule Frankfurt nearby. Wolfgang went on to add, “They never tried to launch it commercially for obvious reasons. But it's perfect for bootlegging. I would like to buy one.” 

For a limited time, tees can be purchased here