21st Century Music (2023)
LP, 15 songs, 28 minute runtime 

21st Century Music is a 15-track album from Shirt, the first of which has been fully produced by Shirt himself using his own layered vocal arrangements, melodies, and raps. On September 29, 2023, a first single “They Did It Like This”from the album began streaming free from Shirt’s new website notculture.com and the full album went on sale later that day. The album is available for $12 as a download package that includes the WAV files, exclusive images, and a PDF of the lyrics, and on CDs including the bonus song “Adrenochrome” produced by Action Figure 973 for $25.

Listen to Track 02 “They Did It Like This” on all digital streaming platforms and watch the “My Gut Talking” video on notculture.com

Album Tracklist:

No Matter What You Do Don’t Stop
They Did It Like This
Signal To Me
I’m Not The One
My Gut Talking
If I Use My Foot Like A Drum
Singing From The Dead
Trying To Tell Me Birds Not Real
Now What
That Was Good Do It Again
Rap On Found Poem
Stranger In My Homeland
That’s The Whole Point
Tania Child
Yelena’s Melody

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