New Works Sol Lewitt (2019)  

Inkjet print, masking tape, and an orange, 13 x 9 inches (33 x 22.8 cm)
Image courtesy the artist

Beginning in 2017 in Basel, Switzerland for school, the idea was that prints would be put up in locations close by to where Shirt was working. Shirt distributed the works in this way in Switzerland, London, and New York, leaving prints hanging on walls inside buildings and on the street. In 2019, invited for a recorded conversation with the architect Dong-Ping Wong, Shirt installed a full wall of New Works Sol Lewitt prints that he produced in NYC. On social media he announced that a print could be taken off the wall for free by anyone and the installation would be over when there were no prints left. Some days later at an event in the space with young students, it was told to Shirt that a 7 year old 3rd grader named Ethan added an orange and some details to one of the prints (pictured above).