Death To Wall Art (2022)  

Rap song, 2 minutes 41 seconds
Cover image courtesy the artist

“Death To Wall Art” is a song produced by Jack Splash that serves as the first single from Shirt’s album I Turned Myself Into Myself released on November 22, 2022. It’s available on all streaming platforms. The song was first debuted in a live performance by Shirt in front of an audience at Civitella Ranieri, a residency he lived at for six weeks in a castle in Umbria, Italy.

The cover image above depicts a photograph by Shirt taken at MoMA PS1, of slits made through the walls of the actual building. Shirt noticed the slits and took several photos, even posting about it on social media, but couldn’t attribute it to an artist or even know for sure the piece was an artwork, as there was no wall label, title or description anywhere. Months later, using imagery of the slits for “Death To Wall Art” and posting the song artwork to social media, the artist Diane Severin Nguyen left a comment identifying herself as the artist who made the work.