World Peace Day (2016)

Performance and installation, clothing, 10 hours
Image courtesy the artist

Building off momentum surrounding his Nike adidas Shirt (2015), Shirt announced a one day event in which a “final stock” of items would be for sale at an undisclosed gallery on Canal Street in NYC. The July 23rd event was titled “World Peace Day,” referencing an interview Shirt did with fashion blog Highsnobiety that week quoted as saying his Nike adidas project bringing the brands together was “what the whole world should be on.” Previously released hoodies and t-shirts were available for sale, as well as a newly designed t-shirt with the words “World Peace Day” around an earth graphic screenprinted on the back. The address wasn’t made public and attendants had to message Shirt personally to request it. For 10 hours Shirt talked to people, sold clothes, touched up painted works on wood, and played music. 

Additional photos available upon request