S On The Map (2018)

Performance, 8 hours
Krink and paint marker on NYC subway map , 27 x 23 inches (68.5 x 58.4 cm)
Images courtesy the artist

The citywide installation and performance by Shirt, in which he left a signed John Baldessari: Pure Beauty book at 14 locations free for anyone to grab, was shared over fifteen consecutive posts from the artist’s social media account starting here. After the 8+ hour event, each of the locations Shirt visited was marked with an “X” in dark red paint marker by the artist on a traditional NYC MTA subway map (exact locations were specified on instagram), and in black Krink paint marker, his route through the five boroughs into the shape of the letter S, starting in Queens, going through the Bronx into Upper Manhattan, through Brooklyn and Staten Island, and ending in downtown Manhattan.