Nike Belongs To Us (2020)

Highlighted PDF, 34 pages
Image courtesy the artist

‘Nike Belongs To Us’ is the subject line of an email sent by Shirt to a number of people in early October, in which he attached the PDF file Make-Believe: Parafiction and Plausibility* by Carrie Lambert-Beatty. The original document, said to have been sent to Shirt by a ‘scholar friend’, details the artwork Nike Ground (2003) by Franco and Eve Mattes in Vienna, Austria, in which the couple staged an elaborate press release, massive installation, Nike check sculptures, flyers and websites to explain that Nike would be renaming streets Nikesquare, Nikestrasse and PiazzaNike throughout various cities in Europe––the entire thing untrue. Written by Art historian Carrie Lambert-Beatty, the PDF offers quite a few instances of the term 'parafiction', a term used to describe a genre of artwork that “plays in the overlap between fact and fiction.” Offering to email the file to whomever was interested, the PDF sent by Shirt had sentences and words highlighted by the artist throughout. It is available to download here.