Neon Book Paintings (2016-ongoing)  

Neon highlighter on books, dimensions variable 
Images courtesy the artist

Beginning the practice in 2016 with the intention to show the books, Shirt made what he has called ‘Neon Book Paintings’ in New York, California, and Europe over the last five years. Using a Stabilo Boss neon highlighter, a particular ‘book painting’ is complete when the artist has highlighted the words, sentences, and passages in a book that have jumped out to him on his first read. Shown for the first time in NYC at Shirt’s Elsewhere, We Remain Unreadable exhibit, twenty-one books are layed out on a wooden table in the center of the room with chairs. A post-it note at the head of the table reads ‘Feel free to sit + read through,’ as viewers are encouraged to do exactly that.

Additional images available upon request

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