I Eat What I Catch (2021)  

Ep, 3 tracks various lengths
Cover image courtesy the artist

I Eat What I Catch is a 3-track EP featuring Shirt rapping over beats made by the producer Sharp. The project is the first release of songs from Shirt’s month long $500 On Streaming recording sessions in October in NYC. Available for $8, the ep features the new songs “Razor Sharp,” “Guilty Of Being Flippant Too” and the title track “I Eat What I Catch.” “I Eat What I Catch” as a standalone single has also been released to major streaming platforms. The digital cover image (above) is explained by the artist as “half low resolution jpeg half oil painting.” The oil painting was cut in half with a chainsaw by Shirt and made into the work A Song Without Artwork (2021).

Download/buy I Eat What I Catch here
Listen to it for free on Tidal here