Elsewhere, We Remain Unreadable

Exhibition, May 14 - July 11, 2021
Images courtesy of the artist

‘Elsewhere, We Remain Unreadable’ was the name of an exhibition in NYC that featured work by Shirt on canvas and sculpture, as well as the debut of the Neon Book Paintings (2021), a selection of books highlighted by the artist for viewers to read through. Presented at Robin Winters’ KeyClub, appointments could be made Wednesday through Sunday 12-6pm. The exhibition included three new works, Shirt’s Neon Book Paintings series ongoing since 2016, Don’t Talk to Me About No Significance Of Art (2021), and Allegeducation (2021). Also making its exhibition debut was Shirt’s Staying Alive Is A Sport (2020) with a note from the artist that handling of the baseball bat was encouraged, and a painting on canvas titled Untitled, made by the artist in 2007. 

A press release for the exhibition is available here

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