DJ Patil Poster (2019)

Inkjet on paper, 24 x 36 inches
Image courtesy the artist 

Originally the note was one of several similar notes written on White House stationery by DJ Patil, the nation’s first Chief Data Scientist, appointed by the Obama Administration. It was included as one of several photos released from a meeting between Mr. Patil, President Obama and others in 2015. In March of 2019, Shirt began a dialogue with Mr. Patil, sharing his idea to produce and sell the posters, and give part of the proceeds to charity. Patil made clear that although the note belonged to the people and Shirt was free to do what he wanted, he had one request: that the artist “do something that would’ve helped a younger him.” Shirt began selling posters on his website with the offer that every five sold, one would be given to someone free of charge. He identifies people through engagements on social media. That summer, Shirt began to guerrilla install framed versions of the poster around NYC. In September it was announced a number of posters would be available at NYC bookstore Printed Matter. 


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