$500 On Streaming (2021)  

Series of rap recordings, various lengths
Video courtesy the artist

Referencing his 2015 work $250 On Soundcloud in which six tracks were made with five producers, $500 On Streaming was a month-long project seeing Shirt in a continuous series of private performances writing and recording raps on beats of anyone’s choosing for a fee of $500. From September 29th through October anyone could engage with Shirt and email any piece of music they’d like whether the track was produced or owned by them or not. If a track was confirmed a $250 down payment was initialized, with the final $250 to be paid when the track was completed. Once a new track was generated the buyer could choose to release the track on any one (1) streaming service of their choice. Further rights and permissions were to be negotiated on a case by case basis. Shirt released the video above featuring snippets of music produced by SHARP.