$500 On Streaming (2021)  

Series of rap recordings, various lengths
Photo courtesy the artist

Referencing his own work $250 On Soundcloud (2015) in which six tracks ended up being made with various producers, $500 On Streaming (2021) is a month-long project that sees Shirt in a continuous series of performances writing and recording raps on beats of anyone’s choosing for a fee of $500. From September 29th through October 14th, a buyer may engage with Shirt and email any piece of music they’d like whether the music is produced/owned by them or not. If a track is confirmed a $250 down payment to the artist must be initialized and the final $250 payment must be made when the track is completed. Once a new track is generated the buyer may release the track on any one (1) streaming service of their choice. Streaming providers include major DSP’s like Apple and Spotify, as well as smaller services like Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Further details, rights and permissions are negotiated on a case by case basis.

To participate, contact Shirt here:

*Music snippets in clip above produced by SHARP.

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