Jack White Tour (2018)

Series of performances, 30 minutes each
Image courtesy the artist

In the  summer of 2018, Shirt did a number of shows opening for the musician Jack White on the European leg of Jack’s tour. 30-35 minute performances took place in London, Amsterdam, and Paris, with Shirt performing music from his Pure Beauty LP as well as new songs and ideas. Added were a handful of recorded ‘voicenotes’ Shirt had made with his iPhone over the past 5 years. Each night he’d introduce the clips, sometimes only about 30 seconds of each, while humming and singing along. Visual works were also incorporated both on stage and throughout the venues. Included was a large Bengal Tiger in painted felt, made for the floor; a silk banner spraypainted with the lyric “Run up in this gallery with the mask on” for part of the stage; “I will not make any more boring rap” in fabric draping from the mic stand; Comments posters; and Nike adidas tees. Only a handful of backstage photos exist from the shows due to a particular rule set by Jack White in which 4,000+ people every night wee asked to hand in their cellphones for the duration of the event. The idea was that audience members would be free from distraction to better focus their attention on the performers.

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