1,000 USD and a plane ticket (2023)
Global performances for sale

From May 15 through June 12, 2023, a limited number of live performances by Shirt are available to purchase below for $1,000 USD. Throughout the rest of 2023 and into 2024 Shirt is open to travel anywhere you are in the world. Exact dates and details are to be confirmed by the buyer and Shirt in subsequent communication and performances will vary in circumstances depending on factors like availability, ideas, resources, locations, etc. In addition to the artist fee of $1,000 USD which must be paid in advance, agreed upon airfare must also be covered by the buyer, with the default flight being a round trip from and back to New York. In some cases, if Shirt is already confirmed to be in your town or for whatever reason a roundtrip airfare isn’t needed, alternative transportation costs may be arranged. In general, no hotel or overnight stay accommodations are necessary on behalf of the buyer.

There are no rules here except the requirements of the advance payment and roundtrip flight covered by the buyer, and the details confirmed. Performances can be of anything and take place anywhere. Depending on what and where a buyer or organization has access to, together with Shirt you will come up with a short performance idea. Ultimately, any confirmed events to take place will remain at the full discretion of the artist and his team.

All inquiries: shirtathome@gmail.com